WordPress Hosting with WordPress Toolkit

Imagine being able to stage, clone, sync, update, copy, migrate, and more-each with a single click. Our WordPress hosting with WordPress Toolkit allows you to download WordPress and install WordPress with the all the PHP requirements and features that it needs to be super-fast and super-secure in just a single click. No more manual maintenance or tedious micro-management of your WordPress installs.

But ... what is WordPress Toolkit?

WordPress Toolkit is a management interface created by cPanel & Plesk that enables you to easily install, configure, and manage WordPress®.

WordPress Toolkit replaces the earlier WordPress Manager and available in both a Lite and Deluxe version.

WordPress Toolkit Features

  • Manage WP Installations
  • Password Management
  • WordPress 1-Click Login
  • WordPress SEO Indexing
  • WP Maintenance Mode
  • WordPress Cloning
  • WordPress Staging
  • Automatic Hardening
  • Password Protection
  • WordPress Mass Updates
  • Security Rollback
  • WordPress Smart Updates

WordPress Download

DDoS Protected WordPress Hosting

$10.50/ per month

  • Unlimited SSD NVMe Storage
  • Automatic Universal SSL
  • 99.99% Uptime SLA

Installing WordPress

Create predefined theme and plugin sets that can be used to auto-configure brand new WordPress installations with one click. This WordPress Toolkit for cPanel is a true time-saver.

Versatile Toolkit

From customizable installations to intuitive management of backup, theme, plugin, and passwords, WordPress Toolkit is a dream come true for anyone with multiple WordPress sites.

Features Testing

Clone any existing site to a completely safe staging area on it’s own database in order to experiment, then sync back to your live website when you’re ready.

Smart WordPress Updates

Automatically test updates for themes, plugins, languages, and WordPress itself in a completely safe environment at no risk to your live website.

Real-Time WordPress Security

Scan and harden all of your websites against security risks using updates based on recommendations from WordPress community experts.

Advanced WP Management

Install plugins or themes, even directly from WordPress.org; activate, deactivate, manage, or delete them per website or in bulk across some or all of you sites.

Feature Comparison

The following chart shows the differences between Softaculous WordPress Manager, WordPress Toolkit Lite, and WordPress Toolkit Deluxe.

FeatureWordPress ManagerWordPress Toolkit LiteWordPress Toolkit Deluxe
Customizable Installationcustomize wordpress with WordPress managercustomize wordpress with WordPress Toolkit Litecustomize wordpress with WordPress Toolkit Deluxe
Manage Existing Installationsmanage existing wordpress installation with wordpress managermanage existing wordpress installation with wordpress toolkit litemanage existing wordpress installation with WordPress Toolkit Deluxe
Website Dashboardwordpress dashboard with wordpress managerwordpress dashboard with wordpress toolkit litewordpress dashboard with WordPress Toolkit Deluxe
Change Admin Passwordchange wordpress admin password with wordpress managerchange wordpress admin password with wordpress toolkit litechange wordpress admin password with WordPress Toolkit Deluxe
Change DB Passwordchange wordpress database password with wordpress managerchange wordpress database password with wordpress toolkit litechange wordpress database password with WordPress Toolkit Deluxe
Restore Backupsrestore wordpress backup with wordpress managerrestore wordpress backup with wordpress toolkit literestore wordpress backup with WordPress Toolkit Deluxe
Manual Updatesmanually update wordpress with wordpress managermanually update wordpress with wordpress toolkit litemanually update wordpress with WordPress Toolkit Deluxe
WordPress 1-Click Login1-click login to wp-admin with wordpress toolkit lite1-click login to wp-admin with wordpress toolkit lite1-click login to wp-admin with WordPress Toolkit Deluxe
Debug Managementdebug management with wordpress toolkit litedebug management with wordpress toolkit deluxe
Open DB in phpMyAdminOpen WordPress DB in phpMyAdmin with wordpress toolkit liteOpen WordPress DB in phpMyAdmin with WordPress Toolkit Deluxe
Single Site Auto Updateswordpress automatic update with wordpress toolkit litewordpress automatic update with WordPress Toolkit Deluxe
Search Engine Indexing Managementwordpress SEO indexing with wordpress toolkit litewordpress SEO indexing with WordPress Toolkit Deluxe
Automatic Hardeningwordpress automatic hardening with wordpress toolkit litewordpress automatic hardening with WordPress Toolkit Deluxe
Password Protectionpasword protect wordpress with wordpress toolkit litepasword protect wordpress with WordPress Toolkit Deluxe
Maintenance Modeset maintenance mode on a wordpress website with wordpress toolkit liteset maintenance mode on a wordpress website with wordpress toolkit deluxe
Plugin & Theme Sets Managementwordpress plugin management with wordpress toolkit deluxe
Cloningclone wordpress installation with wordpress toolkit deluxe
Stagingcreate a wordpress staging with wordpress toolkit deluxe
1-Click Hardeningharden wordpress with wordpress toolkit deluxe
Mass Hardeningmass harden all wordpress with wordpress toolkit deluxe
Multi-site Auto Updateswordpress multisite auto update with wordpress toolkit deluxe
Security Rollbackwordpress toolkit deluxe
Smart Updateswordpress toolkit deluxe

Hostragon WordPress

Start with a WordPress hosting that gives you everything you need to create, manage, secure, optimize and monitor your WordPress website(s).

  • Secure Linux Operating System
  • cPanel WordPress Cloud
  • High-End vCPU & RAM
  • Blazing-Fast SSD NVMe
  • SSL/HTTPS Certificate
  • Domain Reputation Management
  • Self-Service Backup
  • Mod_lsapi & HardenedPHP
  • Github Integration
  • cPanel API
  • SSH/SFTP Access
  • FREE Reseller Upgrade
  • Near-Zero Downtime
  • Scalability and Performance

Please do contact our sales department if your WordPress project requires a custom hosting solution or configuration.

Military-Grade Security

Your WordPress protected by enterprise-ready security monitoring solution for threat detection, integrity monitoring, incident response and compliance.

  • Smart DDoS Detection System
  • Sophisticated Malware Scanning
  • 1-Click Malware Fix
  • WordPress Brute Force Prevention
  • WordPress Account Compromise Prevention
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • WordPress Safe Environment
  • Secure WordPress Hosting

Create WordPress Securely

Trust & Security

We’ve set a high bar for what it means to host, serve, and protect customer data. Our security model is designed to protect your critical assets with unique capabilities & with in-built operational processes that continuously monitor for malicious activity that prevent, detect, and respond to threats.


Reliable Uptime

When a site isn’t prepared for an unexpected spike in traffic, it can cause downtime and a negative experience for site visitors and/or customers. Hosting with us means a site that's always up & running 99.9% of the time and able to reliably deliver digital experience even during DDoS attacks.


Fast Load Times

Website performance is important to the success of any online venture. If a website is fast & responsive, it plays a role in making a business profitable. Each machine hosting your website has been fine-tuned to serve your application with the lowest latency possible.


Storage Space

Our high-performance SSD Disk offers the highest level of availability and designed with much thought given to resilience against errors/outages. Moreover, all data written to disk are encrypted at rest using the AES-128-CBC algorithm.


Network Bandwidth

We don't want to be that hosting company that unexplainably suspend/terminate your hosting account because you have used up too much bandwidth or storage. Your account starts with 100GB of Tier-1 egress bandwidth & more can purchase when needed.

Superior Tech

Instant Scalability

Your website should be able to handles peaks and dips in traffic. As your hosting provider, we give you the ability to add/remove to resize your storage, add more bandwidth or resources when needed, thus optimizing costs and resource consumption.


Customer Voices

Businesses of all sizes building what’s next loves Hostragon.

A web hosting server is the lifeline of every website. It should be up and running 24/7. At Hostragon, we have had a total of ONLY 3 minutes of downtime for the past 7 months. No more staying awake dealing with angry customers. Even got a white-label reseller account FREE.

We moved our infrastructure to Hostragon starting with our staging environment. After extensively testing the staging environment on their hosting platform, we took the plunge & migrated the rest of our cloud environment. Our entire infrastructure now runs on Hostragon and we couldn't have been happier.

We simply wanted to focus on our business and leave the hosting to engineers. With this managed hosting service, we got faster website speed, US-based servers & delightful customer support. For an e-commerce store like ours, it has been fantastic.

Take the next step.

Even custom hosting solutions. We help organizations develop robust, secure, scalable, highly available solutions that allow them to meet business objectives. Tell us about your project, and our sales team will be in touch shortly.

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