About Hostragon

Hostragon exists to give you the best and highest performing cPanel cloud hosting infrastructure available as you host your applications and websites.

About Us

As a web hosting company, we came into existence because we wanted to correct a serious problem that we saw in the hosting industry.

We know because our core services started as tech startup offering managed hosting services to SMBs.

We felt and believed that we can do better.

And if we can do better, then it is imperative to serve others who are looking for a reliable web hosting experience.

Service Focus

Our aim is simply to provide you with that special kind of personalized hosting service that your website or business needs to compete, survive & thrive.

Our focus is in the SMB space and the freelancers and agencies that serve them but also bloggers who needs a webspace and place they could truly call home.

That focus has meant doing the heavy lifting to create an elastic and dynamic hosting platform that is driven by passion.

We know we can succeed with you because it's easier to maintain intense focus and overcome setbacks when you are working on a project that aligns with your passion.

And this ... is what we are born to do & love to do.


You want your web host to be there whenever you need them, whether by email, phone, chat and even through social media. You want the support team to be available when you need them. If it’s the middle of the night and your site goes down, you want to know you can reach your host and they’ll be able to help you out.

Hostragon sees support as part of the overall product experience, and we think it should be tailored to your unique technical needs. We understand that our customers need a flexible and responsive relationship with their hosting provider. Not only do we provide a special support center designed for you to file and manage tickets with our Support teams via any channel that you chooses, but also a engineering support subscription model that allows us to match engineer to engineer, so we can meet you where your business is, no matter what stage of development you’re in. Further, forums, communities, issue lists and product documentation are accessible by all, 24x7.

When you select a hosting provider like us that is support-conscious, you get the satisfaction of having the ability to know that your web host is more than just a vendor, but your partner.

Super Fast Load Times

As a Hostragon customer, your applications already have access to this fast, global network, giving it top-tier performance because we know that when it comes to performance, every millisecond counts.

Our servers are specially tuned to run your application including WordPress in the most optimal way possible. Every server we deploy to serve our shared hosting customer base or for customers in managed VPS/dedicated tier is configured to give you an incredible performance improvement obtainable on finely tuned servers.


Being able to secure your cloud resources at scale is important for the Hostragon security team. To help ensure the security of your data and application, we work together with the best minds in the cyber-security space to develop innovative security tools that help protect your projects. Hostragon intrusion detection involves tightly controlling the size and make-up of Hostragon’s attack surface through preventative measures, employing intelligent detection controls at data entry points, and employing technologies that automatically remedy certain dangerous situations. We run scans on all resources as they come in which helps us identify the most common vulnerabilities, specifically cross-site scripting (XSS) and mixed content, in your web applications. and if a violation is found, it triggers a notification pipeline thus allowing us to react to threats faster.

Suffice it is to say that our security model is an end-to-end process, built on over years of experience focused on keeping customers safe.

Choosing a hosting provider can be a tough decision. Depending on your knowledge or comfort level, looking for a host can be an incredibly frustrating experience. That said, if you take into account what your requirements are, you would find Hostragon, the top contender.

Core Values & Philosophy

Our basic business philosophy helps us determine the objective, approach to objective and general direction of our company. This philosophy comprises of basic management objective and company creed which together serve as a compass, helping us set and maintain the right direction for our business.

  • we want to become the world's most valued web hosting to our customers, investors, business partners, colleagues and to the communities where we work and live.
  • we are focused on providing outstanding services for the best possible price to our customers.
  • we are focused on becoming one of the service leaders and technology innovators in the web hosting sector.
  • we are focused on delivering first-class support and enterprise-level hosting services to businesses of all sizes and kinds around the world.

To fulfill our purpose and mission, we affirm our values of integrity, respect for people, customer focus, community, innovation, teamwork, performance, leadership, and quality.

We believe that commitment to these values is the key to our growth.

This is why Hostragon company provides employees with many opportunities for in-depth understanding of our guidelines and encourages compliance with such policies on a daily basis.

These are timeless, and remain valid regardless of where our business takes us.


At Hostragon, there is a central focus on redundancy allowing our network to rapidly self-heal failures without interruptions to connectivity. We see providing you with a secure webspace, highest uptime and performance as our top priorities.

Our data-centers and backup infrastructure are located around the world and are designed to accommodate clients demanding the highest quality network performance. We have partnered with premium Tier-1 bandwidth providers including Google to ensure minimal latency and fast connections to all points of the global internet.

Our data-centers features state-of-the-art security, power, safety, and cooling systems and strictly limited to technical staff. Electronic security systems control data center access accompanied by a full complement of motion detecting security cameras that monitors the entire facility. External walls are reinforced poured concrete and we have level 3 technicians on site 24 hours per day, allowing incident response times to be kept to a minimum.

Redundant Infrastructure

We have developed and implemented a fully redundant system to support the hosting of all our customer's websites utilizing one of the world's best networks to ensure maximum uptime. Serious focus is placed on redundancy allowing our network to rapidly self-heal failures without interruptions to connectivity.

Environment Stewardship

As energy awareness continues to grow, people are looking to make environmentally responsible decisions as consumers. Hostragon™ in conjunction with our data-center provider believes that minimizing our environmental impact is essential – not just for being responsible corporate citizens but for providing our customers the best on-demand data center solutions available.

Environmental efficiency is integral to our business model and our success.

Practices such as maximizing energy efficiency allows us to keep operational costs (and prices in turn) as low as possible.

And minimizing our environmental impact provides our customers the opportunity to improve their environmental footprint too, as they replace inefficient internal operations with our optimized solutions.