Non Profit Web Hosting

In recognition of your sacrifices and giving, Hostragon™ provide non-profit organizations with FREE hosting service.

Hostragon for Non-Profits offers eligible organizations access to Hostragon services that can help solve the challenges nonprofits face.

If you are a non-profit organization and meet the requirements above, do submit your 501(c)(3) determination letter to us. A link will be sent to you that you will use to set up your website hosting in three easy steps.

This offer though is limited to one shared hosting plan per non-profit, and is only for certified non-profit organizations.

Groups must be able to furnish Hostragon with all verifiable necessary documents and in the case of U.S-based organization, IRS-issued 501(c)(3) determination letter to qualify.

Please fill out this online form

How to Get a Copy of IRS Determination Letter of 501(C)(3)?

An IRS (Internal Revenue Service) determination letter is a letter explaining your tax-exempt status. To get a copy of the IRS determination letter of 501 (C)(3), you will need to call the IRS directly. Call them at 1800-829-8040. or go to this link: PDF, and Internal Revenue Service

Does this plan have fewer features than regular plans?

Not really. It has almost all the features of our regular plans and hosted on the same servers. They may be premium tools available for our business users that you may not necessarily need. However should you ever want to get such features, just contact our Sales Department.

Are we allowed to sell items or take donations on our site?

Yes. The contents of your site are entirely up to you as long as it doesn’t violate our terms of service.

Do you put ads on our site or require a link back?

No, we don't as a matter of policy! However, the internet is vast, and should you wish to help us spread the word about our services, we sure will appreciate it.

What if we need more space?

We will be more than happy to provide you with more space and tools by upgrading your account to our regular web hosting plans.

What can we do with this? How does having a website help us achieve our end-goal?

Drives more donations: As you know, so much comes down to financial support. There’s still plenty of room for traditional fund-raising through direct mail and offline events. But now people can give online even more quickly when the option to donate is available on your website. When it’s easy and safe for users to donate online, you’re already ahead of the game.

Get your team in sync: The team that has a huddle, has a plan. Nonprofit work can be an ocean of information - emails, documents, schedules, finances. And with people potentially working in different cities, states or countries, it can be hard to keep the team on the same page. Having everything in one place can help you ensure that team members know what’s going on where, help everyone contribute effectively, and help you easily gather feedback from team members, volunteers, and clients.

Put your best face forward: Share your organization's work with a great website. There are no two ways about it: you need a website that’s attractive and professional. First impressions do count online, and when you’re not interacting with people face-to-face, your website will be their first point of contact. Let your website speak for you and help people understand your work. Also, make it easy for website visitors to get involved with clear calls to action for donating and volunteering. Get Your Business Online using our easy-to-use Site Builders software with hundreds of fresh website templates to choose from. This can help you establish your web presence quickly and effectively.

Tell Your non-profit's story: Use video and geo tools online to reach and grow your audience. You’re doing crucial, amazing work, and that work should come to life visually online. Set up a channel on YouTube to show your nonprofit in action, whether it's updates from the field or an interview with your executive director. Show people the faces behind your work as well as those benefiting from it. Using Google Earth embedded on your website, you can map your nonprofit's efforts across the globe, helping people understand how and where your organization works.

Get and keep people talking: Continue the conversation with supporters on social media. As you reach goals and milestones along the way, it’s important to celebrate them with your supporters. Start an ongoing dialog with supporters, which will help sustain and grow the number of people who care about your cause. Keep people updated with blogs, e-newsletters, and a rich presence online. You don’t always have the opportunity to talk face to face with donors, volunteers, and the public, so keep the conversation going online.

Drum up attention:

Raise awareness for your cause with online advertising. Word of mouth helps you get people to your website. It’s like turning up the volume at which your nonprofits work is heard on the web.

And lastly ... Whether or not your nonprofit is already operating at full steam, you can dramatically improve your efficiency with online tools. Smooth out and simplify operations at every level. You don't need a mountain of financial resources to get started.

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