Simplify your life and business with cPanel

cPanel is a time-tested Linux control panel that saves you time and helps you automate/simplify server configuration using a browser-based simple, point-and-click interface or via the command line.

It is ideal for anyone who just needs an easier way of dealing with website management, email management, domain management, and enhanced security. cPanel & WHM provides the SMBs, website owners, web developers, web designers, web agencies and server administrators all the tools necessary to take their product to the next level.

For website owners, our cPanel control panel gives you among others:

  • Mail Hosting

    • easily create a secure, private, ad-free email for your business
    • create email accounts, forwarders, and auto-responders using your own domain name.
    • fight spam with BoxTrapper, Apache SpamAssassin, and email authentication
    • use mailing lists to broadcast your message.
    • access your email anytime, anywhere, on any device
    • 99.9% guaranteed uptime, 0% planned downtime

  • Adequate Security

    • configure password-protected directories, IP address denials
    • easily configure SSL/TLS, and GnuPG key settings to restrict access.
    • protect your site with HotLink Protection, Leech Protect, and ModSecurity.
    • get all-in-one security with robust herd protection against the newest attacks, powered by AI
    • an integrated security console right inside your hosting control panel.
    • a tool that automatically scans file systems for malware injection and quarantines infected files.
    • website reputation monitoring
    • automatic security scanning and patch management
    • an interface to easily install SSL certificates for domains on your account.

  • Domain Management

    • easily set up subdomains, addon domains, parked domains.
    • make DNS changes on the fly with DNS Zone Editor.
    • protect your domain with DNSSEC.
    • create all types of DNS records and more.

  • Website File Management

    • an interface that allows you to upload, create, remove, and edit files without the need for FTP or other third-party applications.
    • directory privacy to password-protect specific directories that you do not want to allow visitors to access.
    • interface to scan your disk and view a graphical overview of your account's available space.
    • a backup interface to back up your website & download a zipped copy (home directory, databases, email forwarders, and email filters) to your computer.
    • a file restoration interface to restore items from backed-up files if you delete them by accident.
    • web disk to access to your website's files as if they were a local drive on your computer and more.
    • ability to setup cron jobs to automate certain commands or scripts on your site to run at a specific time.

  • Database Management

    • manage databases using MySQL, PostgresSQL and phpMyAdmin
    • ability to create these databases using the MySQL or PostgreSQL Database Wizard.
    • ability to configure databases that users can access remotely.

WordPress Manager & Other Softwares

  • an interface to manage your WordPress installations on your cPanel account.
  • an interface to quickly deploy and easily maintain Ruby applications.
  • an interface to manage collections of functions that allow you to perform tasks in Perl.

    For Linux administrators who needs "root" access and capability, cPanel/WHM delivers the highest quality security and server protection, saves you time and money by automating and streamlining tedious server management tasks.

    With it, you can:

    • create and manage user accounts, establish pricing tiers, and allow your clients to better manage their sites.
    • receive analytics and updates on your server
    • know what is going on with your servers at any time of the day with server monitoring tools.
    • automatically back up all data and create a seamless experience when transferring information between servers.
    • brand your services with your own colors, images, and custom branding assets.
    • integrate over 500 applications and plugins to offer a tailored experience to their target audience.

    Often, it is forgotten that in a world where you can spin up an instance in seconds on AWS, GCP, Azure, IBM Cloud that it also comes with a significant investment of time and effort to get the best of these services.

    For most SMBs and website owners, managing a server is not something that should occupy their mind or time. The focus should be on building the business in a very competitive online market.

    And that is why cPanel is a great time-saver as it gives you a very easy way to accomplish the same tasks visually and on the fly.

    Hostragon cPanel & WHM hosting offers you an optimized space where you can host more sites on cPanel servers optimized for performance while providing a stable, secure environment for your hosting needs.

    Our cPanel services are backed by a team of Linux experts and cPanel & WHM trained engineers that boast an outstanding 90% feedback score with first-class technical support.

    Experience a faster, more secure & more simpler cPanel social network website hosting service. Each website you host with us comes with a CA-validated SSL certificate, malware detection, optional CDN, Mod_Pagespeed, Cloudflare, HTTP2, 99.995% uptime SLA, 24-7 support, free site migration service, SSH/SFTP for geek-level access, transparent pricing and a solid 30-day money-back guarantee.

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