SSD VPS Hosting

Linux cPanel virtual private servers designed for peak, consistent performance.

Launch a cPanel VPS hosted in one of our global data centers with monthly payment option to meet your workload need. Automate administration and management of thousands of virtual hosts on a single machine. Your virtual private server gives you full root access via SSH so you can install any third party, open source, or customized application you need.

Our cPanel VPS gives your business the speed, space, traffic, and tools it needs to succeed. Host more sites, optimize server performance, and provide a more stable, secure environment for your customers. Start now and get the awesome power you need.

cpanel vds and cpanel virtual private server
reliable vds hosting

Your cPanel VPS will be deployed in a highly reliable environment where replacement instances can be rapidly and predictably commissioned. The service runs within a proven network infrastructure & data center. Our Service Level Agreement commitment is 99.99% availability for each instance.

secure cpanel hosting environment

Our next-generation Linux security solution powered by AI protects your cPanel dedicated server from digital attacks. It is capable of stopping the majority of web application attacks even before they start, defend against brute force attacks, DoS attacks & keep your VPS safe at all times.

cpanel server with root access

Get complete control. As a SysAdmin with root access to WHM, manage your customers and websites across no matter your infrastructure setup, customize your service plans to up-and cross-sell products and services, and scale your business. 24/7 security, operations, fail-overs, monitoring and more provided.

automated website backups

We offer a quick & reliable cloud-based data backup and a near-instant disaster recovery for your cPanel dedicated web hosting server. This new generation automatic backup technology captures, stores and recovers data while offering superior protection against file corruptions, and data loss.

cloudflare hosting

With our unique integration, we will link your cPanel dedicated server with Cloudflare world-wide network, CDN, DNS, DDoS protection for additional security. Cloudflare dramatically improves your website & cPanel dedicated server performance through a global CDN and optimization features.

24x7 server monitoring

We monitor your web server every minute making sure that it is online at all times. We also monitor your IPs & domains, send you notifications via a Slack integration or email if we ever find any in a blacklist. This ensures that your website(s) maintains good reputation throughout the internet.

cpanel control panel

Get access to cPanel/WHM that turns your dedicated into a scalable business opportunity. cPanel with root access makes it possible to manage & control virtually every aspect of the websites on your server, saves you time and money by automating and streamlining tedious server management tasks.

24hrs dedicated support

Receive enterprise support through our support engineers who have spent years working with Linux and cPanel. With combined in-depth technical knowledge of Linux & unique client care expertise, we provide to our customers the best possible round the clock support experience 24 hrs 365 days per year.

hostragon hosting partners

Tell us more about your business, and our cloud solution architects will help you build the right solution for your needs. We can work with you in all aspect including network architecture, monitoring, website development, deployment, SEO optimization, consulting, support, training, and much more.


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