Property Management Hosting & Estate Agent Web Design

We can host your property management website and also help you build the best property website.

If you are in the real estate management business, you need a website. You also want your website to be one of the top real estate sites on the web. We are talking about setting a Wix website but a professionally, well-built-search optimized website that is guaranteed to get you the leads and sales your real estate company needs to thrive.

Beyond the HTML5 website builder or realtor website builder that we provide (if you decide to do this on your own) via Weebly web hosting, our web hosting packages comes with a CA-validated SSL certificate, malware detection, optional CDN, Mod_Pagespeed, Cloudflare, HTTP2, 99.995% uptime SLA, 24-7 support, free site migration service, SSH/SFTP for geek-level access, transparent pricing and a solid 30-day money-back guarantee.

property management website hosting

all these features and more

reliable cpanel hosting

You really need a stable web hosting experience. Our real estate web hosting delivers lightning speed performance, & unmatched reliability so you can use to host your website with confidence. The hosting packages comes with with free .com domain name so you can easily & quickly get your website off the ground.

secure cpanel hosting environment

We really work hard to keep your real estate website safe at all times so you focus on your business and worry less about security. Our next-generation Linux security solution protects your cPanel cloud server from digital attacks & capable of stopping majority of web application attacks even before they start.

1-click app installation

Our cPanel web hosting comes with an automatic application installer that is designed to be much faster. Just install any PHP script or application you need with a couple of clicks. This make the process of starting new projects & updating your website applications 10 times easier, safer and more convenient.

automated website backups

We offer a quick & reliable cloud-based data & website backup and a near-instant disaster recovery for your cPanel web hosting server. This new generation automatic backup technology captures, stores and recovers data while offering superior protection against file corruptions, and data loss.

cloudflare hosting

Cloudflare makes your website safer & gets your content closer to your visitors to provide a faster experience. With our unique integration, we will link your website with Cloudflare world-wide network to ensure your website receive the security, performance and reliability of a global network.

24x7 server monitoring

We monitor every website on our servers to make sure that they are online at all times. We also monitor your domain name, and will send you notifications via email if we ever find that your domain is blacklisted. This ensures that your website(s) maintains good reputation throughout the internet.

cpanel control panel

Get access to cPanel Linux-based web hosting control panel for shared hosting customers that makes it possible to manage & control every aspect of your websites. The cPanel interface for website owners saves you time and money by automating and streamlining tedious website management tasks.

24hrs dedicated support

Receive enterprise support through our support engineers who have spent years working with Linux and cPanel. With combined in-depth technical knowledge of Linux & unique client care expertise, we provide to our customers the best possible round the clock support experience 24 hrs 365 days per year.

hostragon hosting partners

Tell us more about your business, and our cloud solution architects will help you build the right solution for your needs. We can work with you in all aspect including network architecture, monitoring, website development, deployment, SEO optimization, consulting, support, training, and much more.


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Our web designing team is a highly-experienced team when it comes to estate agent web design, and can create, manage and optimize your website for search if you need help with that.