Contact Hostragon Support

Hostragon Support is a one-on-one support channel that is staffed 24x7x365 with experienced support engineers.

If you need help with your hosting account or just want to reach out Hostragon, you have several options to get help with determining the cause of the problem and finding a solution.

You can use our knowledgebase to find answers to your hosting or billing questions or issues.

If you have a valid hosting account with us, login and then open a support ticket to get help with a general technical issue or with an account issue.

If you don't have an account, open a ticket from the available departments.

You can submit tickets for sales, login, billing, and technical support problems.

For technical support problems, you can narrow the issue to a specific area or service.

When you open a support ticket, ensure that you indicate an appropriate severity for your ticket.

The severity determines how your ticket is handled.

After you open a support ticket, you will receive an email notification in a few minutes for the ticket.

Follow the instructions in the email for further communication on the issue.

Reporting a potential security vulnerability

If you believe a potential Hostragon security vulnerability has occurred or have seen a potential security issue or vulnerability, please do report it at

Our team will reach out to you and follow up on it.



Thank you for making Hostragon Web Services, a great web hosting platform!