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Let us take care of your website or hosting reselling business. We offer a 24/7 live support whenever you need it so you can focus on your business. You can also find fast answers online in our help center.


cPanel Hosting

Fast websites results in higher user engagement, more pageviews, and improved conversion. And that's exactly what we provide along with a secure hosting environment.

Our cPanel hosting service gives you everything you need to build a brilliant, successful website.



Managed Hosting

To run a successful online business, one needs to focus on it manically. It means a 100% distraction-free in that part of the brain that governs creativity. Creativity not only out-maneuver your competitors but also to discover what your customer base needs and wants.

That's why we offer a fully managed hosting for our shared hosting environment and also for our VPS and dedicated server customers.

In this, we assume all the technical role of your business so you can truly dream and build.



Email Hosting

Get all you need to do your best work including a professional email from your business web address (you@yourcompany.com) together in one package that works seamlessly from your computer, phone or tablet.



cPanel VPS Services

Ready to run Virtual Private Server (VPS) that are available to you for a predictable monthly fee. With a couple of clicks you can choose a configuration from a menu and launch a virtual machine preconfigured with SSD-based storage, DNS management, and a static IP address.

As your needs grow, you will have the ability to smoothly step outside of the initial boundaries and upgrade to a bare-metal server.



cPanel Dedicated Server Hosting

Bare metal servers that provides the raw horsepower you need for processor-intensive and disk I/O-intensive workloads on the highest performing cloud infrastructure.



WordPress Services

If you are simply looking on how to install WordPress in cPanel or how to setup WordPress or how to set up a WordPress account, just select from our cPanel shared hosting plans.

However, if you are looking for something beyond WordPress hosting and need a specialized kind of experience, then we do provide a range of WordPress services to suit all types of business – from small/medium businesses to enterprise.

That includes installing WordPress, installing WordPress themes, hardening WordPress security, creating WordPress themes and re-designing existing ones, WordPress SEO services.

Below are some of these services and you can make your WordPress experience even much more better when you gain from years of both WordPress hosting and development:



WordPress Integration Service

Looking to have a uniformed WordPress design and look for your website and blog? We can take your existing WordPress website design (can be using any software of static) and create a matching WordPress theme for your blog or vice-versa.



WordPress Configuration Service

WordPress is a great tool out of the box. But for it to reach its full potentials, use this service. All we need is just a domain name (e.g example.com or example.net or something.org).



WordPress Installation Service

Launch your website faster. Use our WordPress professional installation service to ensure that your WordPress website is installed properly to get you the results you want.



WordPress SEO Service

This is the place where we optimize your WordPress websites for search engines through a properly executed SEO techniques will bring your website increased exposure, recognition, and will generate free traffic. The services include SEO optimization, SEO consultancy and training, SEO audit and troubleshooting, email marketing, social media integration, creation, configuration, and optimization of sitemap.xml, sitemap.xml.gz, and robots.txt, implementation of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools codes and more.



WordPress Security Services

WordPress is a popular CMS and this also means that it is a target for those looking to profit from other people's hardwork. It starts with an overall look at your current setup, then using our suite of recommended WordPress security plugins, we configure your WordPress website to be unbreakable. We also offer nightly off-site backups of your database and file system and advanced hardening at server level security for VPS or dedicated server customers.



WordPress Themes

A collection of WordPress themes has been created to allow you to create a powerful & feature rich website for your web hosting business. They feature a built-in options panel, admin-based menu and widget customization, blog support & optional automatic WHMCS synchronization & more. Start your web hosting business today with one of these premium WordPress themes. Learn more about our WordPress themes or select a theme below.

We provide FREE and Premium WordPress theme that you can install when installing your WordPress website.


Reseller or Web Agency Services

Reseller Hosting

Our reseller hosting is designed is such a way to not only give you the tools and resources you need, but also our engineering and marketing expertise. We see our relationship with you as a partnership. So instead of pushing you out to swim or sink, we work with you simply because we know that our success and growth depends on our partners. Since we have done the server part, below you will see some of the extra services we do provide when your reseller account is deployed.


WHMCS Services

This page delivers some of the WHMCS services we provide that is geared to any using WHMCS automated billing system. Whether you are hosting provider or a reseller using WHMCS, these WHMCS services will ensure that you are up and running in time. Just select what you would want us to help you with and we will take it from there. Please note that these services are being offered by our hosting partners.


WHMCS Integration Service

One of the best thing about WHMCS is the capability it gives to customize it to whatever you want it to be. This include being able to integrate it with services and tools that will benefit your business and customers. It also means setting up and configuring of cPanel/WHM web hosting plans and link them to WHMCS. Once we complete this, your clients can place orders and you can start receiving payments. This WHMCS service makes that possible.



WHMCS Configuration Service

You want to get online faster to capture your share of the hosting market. Our WHMCS configuration service is offered to reseller hosting customers or customers with a VPS/dedicated server. We can configure newly-installed WHMCS to your specification fast and securely.



WHMCS Installation

Installing WHMCS is more than just pushing files to your server. It also involve ensure that the installation is secure and that all the files and folders have the required secure permission. We also ensure that folders that needs to be moved to secure locations are done promptly.



WHMCS Security Hardening Service

While WHMCS built-in features designed to keep your customer's safe, there are several simple extra steps that can be taken to secure your WHMCS installation even further to ensure that your business can meet the most stringiest compliance conditions.



WHMCS Migration Service

We will move WHMCS from one location to another. For example your current install could be domain.com/whmcs and would like it moved to domain.com/clients



WHMCS Upgrade Service

To ensure that the security of your hosting business is not compromised and that of your customer data is safe and secure, WHMCS needs to upgraded when versions that brings new features are released. We can take ownership of this so that you can focus on your business.